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Three Marketing Ideas to Step Up the Business

Being an entrepreneur requires vast interdisciplinary knowledge. Selling products is not as simple as it sounds. You need to know people’s behaviors and basic psychology to manipulate thing according to your will. Well, it may look evil, but in some degree, marketing is an art of mass manipulation.

Approaching marketing from the sensationalist perspective allows us to see how marketing works on the extreme spectrum. When things get too complicated to understand, all you need to do is to find the most visible extremes and investigate the states in between. The facts lie within the average spectrum. And when you want to reach the mass; designs and ideas that are familiar to them are the ones that sell fast.

Now, let us be done with the theories. Below are three marketing ideas that you can practice immediately.

Authenticity in Designs

profit illustrationTo compete with rapid marketing campaigns, you have to know what authenticity is. Today, digital technology has taken over marketing business. You cannot rely on business cards, brochures, and even the notoriously expensive billboards anymore. People are inseparable from their gadgets, and there are where you can efficiently put your advertisements.

But millions of other companies also think the same. The big ones can launch rapid marketing campaigns in a very short time with the most maximum audience reach. The only hope for small companies is to maximize their authenticity in designing ads.

And to design authentic ads, three factors must be considered all the same time: creativity, relevance, and conciseness. Too much creativity increases the duration of the advertisement. It also increases the chances for concealing the marketing message, and thus the ad loses its relevance and conciseness. But if you overthink about the relevance and conciseness, your ads will be rigid and news-like, which can quickly make your audience bored.

Multi-Platforms Campaigns

multiplatforms marketing campaignsSocial media, video-sharing, picture-sharing, and the hybrid platforms that combine those three design concepts are all on the Internet. Their users are also billions, and that number will always be increasing.

Allocating the company’s budget in only one platform is an apparent loss. And contrary to what most people think, selling products does not know boundaries. Whatever the types of your company’s products, they can be advertised online.

But achieve such adaptive marketing, you must employ capable workers. Not all people can understand the importance of the three principles we have discussed (creativity, relevance, and conciseness). Training your employees may be a good solution, but if you cannot afford the time and budget, you can try working with an agency.

Improving the Product Designs

digital designer at workDo not stick with one product. Even if your brand is already acknowledged by many because of one of your products, you can still make a variant out of that successful one. Innovation is the keyword here. Do not believe that the people can get satisfied with your existing products. At some points, they will get bored and seek for fresher alternatives. And if you can foresee that, why don’t tackle that risk in advance?

You do not need to complicate this idea, though. Even small innovations are counted as innovations. For example, if you sell edible products, increasing their size by 20 percents is already a selling idea. Or, you can design a package that relates to popular trends, such as from music or movie figures.