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The Prohibitions in Self Storage That You Should Know

You can take advantage of the self-storage option that you get from a cheap, reliable service by placing your belongings. However, some precautions are essential to ensure that you abide by the rules and also go on to build an enriching relationship with the storage company. Such a relationship leads to dependable and high-quality services you can bank on at any time.

Moreover, you also want to avoid voiding your rights to protection and the professional help you are getting from the storage company. Remember the trust relationship goes in both ways and you need to follow lowing rules and regulations is essential. Ignorance will not an excuse. Read on to know the things you cannot put in storage.

You Cannot Put Toxic or Combustible Products

If you have things that catch fire easily and can explode because of excessive heat or pressure, then you should not put them in storage. If the items you have are likely to contain fumes that can leak and cause extreme damage to health and the structural integrity of the storage space or affect other items in the storage space, then you will need to look for an alternative.

In such cases, functional storage for such issues might be necessary. The ordinary and similar storage spaces will not accommodate such risks.


Perishables include fresh food, canned food, animal food, plants and any other thing that is likely to go bad when left in storage. These perishable things also tend to attract rodents and insects that scavenge for food. Foods can leak and attract cockroaches. Rats can find their way into the store because of the smell of food, especially grains.

The storage company will do all it can to keep these pests away. Regular spraying will be necessary. However, if you have food and there is regular spraying of chemicals to keep pest and insects out, then your food is likely to go bad. You need to find other options for storing food other than the conventional storage space.

Suspicious Items

You should leave out suspicious items to avoid causing unnecessary alarm. If you have illegal substances, then you will be violating the terms of the agreement by putting them in storage. The right thing to do is to find somewhere else where only you know about the items. If they are harmful, then you should destroy them or hand them over to the authorities.

Weapons are also not valid items for storage because of their legal status and the need for storage providers to stay away from crime. There is no way of trusting your word about being innocent, and the storage provider will likely prefer not handling the goods rather than having to explain the circumstances of processing to the police.

Other Prohibited Items

In addition to the above list, the storage company can give you a custom list of things prohibited, and that should guide you on what to put and not put. Moreover, you could use lists from various companies to compare their policies and relevant to your storage needs.