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Nicotine Salts for E Liquids

Just like any other technology, vaping has come a long way. The advancements have worked positively for some vapers, but others wish it remained as simple as it was in the beginning. Many people who switched to vaping were looking for means to stop smoking hence consuming high levels of nicotine is not good for them. If all vape contains high levels of nicotine, people who prefer it simple will be disadvantaged. However, the innovation of nicotine salts is working magic.

Nicotine salts contain the same levels of nicotine as contained in the tobacco leaves. If this nicotine were added to the e liquids in that state, vapers would be required to vape at high degrees for effectiveness, and still, it will not be easily absorbed.

Pros of Nicotine Salts


Many people who vape the conventional liquids for the first time do not get the same satisfaction as from nicotine. In addition to that, it might not be able to satisfy their cravings.

Gives a smooth feeling

Nicotine salts provide a smooth feel to vape juices. Vapers will tell you that the harshness in vape liquids is a big turn off. During the manufacturer of cigarette, they add menthol or eugenol to reduce the harnesses, and this is the role played by nicotine salts in vape juices.

Does not have any impact on the flavors

Vapers go with the slogan that, if it does not taste good do not vape it. If you kicked off with a specific flavor and you loved it, you will notice any slight change from additions like freebase nicotine. The good thing with nicotine salts is that it does not affect the flavor of the e-liquids.


Nicotine salts are cheaper compared to vape pens and other premium liquids. If you have been looking for an affordable vaping experience with the right levels of nicotine, then go for nicotine salts.


Limited options

Nicotine salts are available in vape pens and pods, and you will be required to stick by that for the longest period. With customers who love to diversify and try new things, this is a significant drawback.

Less fun

Compared to freebase juices which are fashionable, nicotine salts only provide the function. If we were to use car examples, it would be choosing between a Ferrari and a smart car. Nicotine salts give the experience of strong nicotine without smoking cigarettes.…

A Closer Look At The Role Played By The EJmix In Vaping Marijuana

Anyone who has been vaping for some time should have an idea of the role played by EjMix to your vaping experience. In case you are not sure of what it is, this EjMix Review will help you understand what this amazing product is. Ideally, the EJ mix is a medical grade solution that is used to transform extracts, essences, and oils into a liquid form for vaping. In the case of marijuana, it provides a stable liquid that can be easily loaded into your vape pen.

How EjMix are uniquevape

Most marijuana e-juices in the market are made from artificial flavors. As such, EJmix is a natural alternative to these synthetic methods. Notably, most synthetic e-juices have a tendency of dissociating after some, which can be a huge set back to your experience. However, the EJmix uses some heavy glycols to prepare the e-juice. This makes e-juices made from Ejmix very stable.

Ejmix and versatility

One of the main strengths of the EJmix lies in its versatility. First, it can have different types of extracts and wax consistencies. Secondly, it also gives the user the liberty to change the concentration to their liking. As such, you can always alter the levels to match the strength needed you get to that sweet spot you always desire.


If you are producing the juice on your own, you will prefer using a device that does it fast. In this regard, the EJmix is a fast-acting device that will help your create your custom e-juice in no time. Besides its fast acting nature, it is also efficient at what it does. This implies that you do not have to worry about the possibility of the juice separating.

dollar Cost effective

Using an EJmix comes costs roughly a dollar for every batch mixed. From this investment, the quality that hits the vape pen is amazing. With the e-juice from the EJmix, you are not to get as high as you would want and enjoy your vapes without any worry of smell.

Using an EJmix to prepare your vape juice is highly recommended. Vaping is good for anyone looking for a clean and healthy way of consuming cannabinoids. If you are one of those people that only want to get high irrespective of the means, stick with the classics. However, using quality juice and a vape pen can comfortably get you to those high levels.…