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Reasons to Switch to Another Electricity Provider

Indeed, electricity is one of the basic needs of modern society. We use it to prepare our food, washing our clothes, making our homes clean and comfortable, and several other important things. Without electricity, it may be as good as we have gone back to olden times. But once we have an increase in our power bills, we swear as if electricity is a curse.

The increase in our electricity is the result of many things. We may not have been cautious when using our appliances, or you might have been staying longer in your home for the last month. And did you forget that it was unusually hotter in the past weeks? These factors can help increase your bills.

One important area to look out for is your energy provider. If it is unlike BENERGIE EG that has stable costs, then the increase may have something to do with your electricity supplier. Here are some factors that should help you decide to shift from your electricity retailer to a new one.

Incompetent Customer Service

mornitorWhen an electric company gives friendly and timely customer support, a consumer feels that he is important. One way to check the quality of customer service is its information drive to keep its consumers informed of developments. Does it communicate to you before a price increase? Or does it tell you of deductions or discounts to your bill ahead of time? If the supplier only informs you when you are paying your bill, it may not signify that the supplier is giving importance to you.

Indeed, people are always looking for superior services.

Lower Prices

If you learn of an electricity provider at a lower price, the initial reaction must be to transfer to that company. Savings is important, and if you will be saving some money for other things, why not shift now? Just make sure that services are not compromised.

Concern to the Community

lightingHave you suddenly realized that you can contribute to our environment by not patronizing companies that bring so much harm to our surroundings? Some electric companies that use coal, fossils, and sources may not be as harmless as those using renewable or sustainable sources. Some electric companies also support other programs that benefit the community. Now, do you have an electric supplier that does not harm the environment and has some social programs?

It is easy and quick to change your electricity supplier. You do not have to worry also of being cut off your electricity supply when you decide at once.…

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How SEO Benefits Your Business Marketing

There is no secret in admitting that SEO has risen to become an online marketing strategy that has been adopted and is used. All this can be attributed to its effectiveness. With the advancement in technology, the digital landscape has also changed tremendously in recent years. This is due to the fact that it is an effective means of marketing as it is also important. While there are numerous advantages that come with using SEO for business marketing, below we highlight how SEO benefits your business marketing.

Increased Traffic

When you have a top position in the search engine result pages, then you are sure to get a majority of the required impressions and clicks. So when you are ranked highly here, you are sure of experiencing significant increment in traffic to your website.

Another advantage of using SEO marketing is that its major focus is on creating informative messages and bringing about keywords that come with relevant title tags that also have meta descriptions, this is essential as they are the ones that show up in search and result pages. Having such attributes on your page is important as it greatly increases the click-through rate which in turn brings about an increase in qualified and necessary web traffic.

Low Marketing Cost

Another benefit that comes with using SEO for your marketing is that you are going to get a positive result for your effort at a very low cost. This is when you compare it with other online marketing modes like PPC or Adword. This is due to the fact that organic listings are actually free. When you are top on the list, you do not incur any costs as you will not be required to pay per click nor will you be required to put a budget aside to cater for your advertising costs. Most refer to SEO marketing as a gift that usually keeps on giving. All you need to ensure that you have consistent and positive traffic to your site is a little bit of effort and some little funds to pay for your SEO cost.

Brand Credibility

Another benefit of using SEO marketing is that your brand will gain high and positive brand credibility. This is simply due to the fact that people have developed a tendency of trusting the first listings as them being reputable and credible entities. This is why SEO marketing is very important as it converts your website into your brand name.


Using SEO for marketing ensures that you get a higher return for your invested money. Take this example, you are likely to convert 2 % of visitors to your site to sales when you purchase 1000 visitors from an ad that is paid. On the other hand, you are likely to make 4% sales if you get 100 clicks from your SEO. From the above analogue, you can see which mode of marketing has the best return on investment.

You Get Data

You may not be knowing what kind of data we are referring to here. When you are using SEO for marketing, you are certain to get customer data. This is important as it can help you expand your product range by looking at what people are looking for most.…

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Benefits of new odoo applications

Odoo is one of the best business applications that should be installed in most business websites. Technology has improved and therefore as a business man; you need to look for the best systems that can control the performance of your business. It is also important to know that Odoo has recently released the latest version that can be used by most business owners because they contain improved and new features that will help you in managing your business.

It is essential also to note that as a business man, you are supposed to improve the customer support by installing the latest Odoo version to your business website. This is a software that will show you some of the new features you are supposed to install on your website. The following therefore are some of the benefits of new Odoo applications.

Manage customer interaction

laptop and phone With this new Odoo helpdesk application, it will help your support team together with your services to manage the interactions with your clients. Therefore, you are not required to struggle on how to maintain or improve your customer relationships. Consider installing the new features to your website if you need to achieve this. Also, you can decide to create tickets for your employees and customers. This can be done through website forums, live chat sessions, and email.

Odoo expenses

This is another new application that is an expansion of human resource management. This tool or application will help your team learn on how to manage their expenses easily and quickly. If you have some of the claims based on your costs, they will be sent through an email with a picture of the receipt or invoice as an attachment. Also, it is important to know that each’s expenditure will be tracked since the functionality of the Odoo application is built in the reporting function.

Website builderodoo

This is another system that will help you whenever you want to upgrade your business website. However, if you have a small business, it is important to consider Odoo website builder because it has the latest Odoo features. Ensure that you run your business or organization in a better and modern way. If you choose Odoo website builder, you are also likely to improve the customer relationship management systems. Therefore, ensure that you are not left behind with your Odoo systems.…