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Ideal Ways to Clean Your Dog

The welfare of your dog is something that should be a top consideration. You must ensure it is in the right state all the time to offer you the best company. Ensuring that your pet is well fed is something that will guarantee it a long life. You should look for the right food for your canine so that it may grow healthy.

You have to ensure they get the right medical check-up or administer different medications to them by yourself. Hiring a veterinarian for your dog is one crucial step you can make. Look for someone qualified for this. You should also observe proper pet hygiene cleaning

This will keep your dog free from illnesses and the discomfort that comes about as a result of poor hygiene practices. Cleaning their bedding is one thing you should do. This helps create a suitable environment for their stay. You can also trim their fur once in a while to get rid of the fleas that usually hide in their coat. Washing is another practice you should carry out on your dog. It helps in getting rid of all the dirt from their skin. There are several steps you should follow when washing your dog. They include:

Using the Right Brush

You should look for the right brush when cleaning your dog. It should be something gentle that will not bring about any form of pain in them. Make sure you rub them gently when washing them. Having the right brush will reduce the chances of your pet getting injured when cleaning them.

Use the Right Shampoo

You should also look for the right shampoo or detergent which you will use when washing your dog. There are many of them in the market with different ingredients. Make sure you go for one that will help do away with all the germs and also keep the coat of your dog healthy.

The Washing Tubdog cleaning

Find the ideal washing tub for your dog. It should be of the right size so that you may not have a difficult time washing your pet. Also, ensure there is a rubber tub or any other item that your canine will step on to lower the chances of slipping. Following all these will ensure you have a smooth process cleaning your dog.…

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High-Calorie Dog Food Buying Guide

Perhaps your dog is losing weight more often than gaining it, but you have no ideas on how to deal with the situation. It is important to work on the dog’s diet to help it gain weight. Dog food with high calories will significantly help the dog to gain weight. With the many commercial foods available in the market today, it can be tricky to find the best calorie food for your dog. You need to understand the critical details about the weight management food for your dog to answer some of the questions you have in mind. The following is a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right high-calorie food for your dog.


Quality over Quantity

When your dog is underweight, you may have the instincts to increase the amount of food in its bowl. Adding more food to your dog might work but increasing too much volume might cause adverse long-term health effects on your dog. Instead of increasing the quantity of food, it is essential to work on quality. Making a gradual switch to foods manufactured to increase the mass of your dog can have a significant change. Quality dog food contains ingredients with nutritional density to help the dog increase weight in a safe way.

Plenty of Proteins

If you are looking to help your dog to gain weight, you need to beware that protein is the key. There is a high chance that your dog is overweight due to the deficiency in protein quantity. Proteins help dogs to maintain healthy muscles. When purchasing high-calorie foods, you need to check the protein content. For the best results, you need to feed your dog with a diet containing 30% proteins. Beware that not all protein sources can be significant to your dog. Most of the high-calorie dog food in the market contain sufficient proteins; however, you need to look at the list of ingredients to ensure the proteins have premium quality.

dogAvoid Junk Food

When purchasing high-calorie food for your dog, have in mind that the fatty treats are sometimes as bad to dogs as they are for the humans. While some fats are healthy and of great quality to your dog, others might do no favor to your pet. You need to avoid meals with essentially empty calories or unnecessary carbohydrates. As much as you need your dog to gain weight, you need to be careful and moderate the type of calories you feed it.

Take It Slow

While working on your dog’s weight, you need to take the process slowly for better results. Most people tend to make an abrupt change to the dog’s diet, which is a mistake. Dogs do not lose weight overnight; they will take some time to gain it back. You need to switch your dog’s diet to high-calorie food in phases until the food is completely replaced. The digestive system of the dog should get plenty of time to switch to high-calorie foods without the dog experiencing stomach issues.…